Daniel Cordier:

France's last Resistance hero from World War Two

When Daniel Cordier was parachuted into Nazi-occupied France to meet Resistance leader Jean Moulin he had no idea he would become Moulin's closest companion.

Cordier was sent over in July 1942 on the orders of General Charles de Gaulle, based in London. But he did not even know Moulin's name.

Cordier was under instructions to report to a certain "Rex" at an address in Lyon.

"Rex" would vet him, then assign him to another Resistance leader, Georges Bidault. That was what Cordier had been told.

What happened instead was the turning-point in Cordier's life. It would also be a year that led to Moulin's death.

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Région: Languedoc-Roussillon
Département: Hérault
Commune: Béziers
Photographer: unknown
Daniel Cordier: